Healthy Eating

Maybe I’ve finally lost it. I’ve decided to try giving up sweets for two weeks. Don’t make that face. I know it’s not that long, but you have to walk before you run, right? Crawl before you run? Or is that face because you agree that I have lost it?

I decided to do this purge at just the right time, too. The week after Halloween! (Please tell me you sense my sarcastic tone. No? You will. Give it time.) Sugar is everywhere. Candy, cookies, cakes, and candy cookie cakes.

I’m on day three, and I’m curious how this ride is going to go.

Despite the fact that I’ve been surrounded by sweet treats, I haven’t felt as totured as I thought I would. The worst day was the first day. Monday. (Why is it always Monday?) I packed my lunch like a good little trying-to-be-economical individual. However, I’d conveniently forgotten that was the first day my coworker and I had planned to start the no sweets weeks. Because of this little memory slip, I brought with me some adorable spider cookies I made for a party on Friday. They would make a great dessert.

When I got to my cube, my coworker was quick to remind me this was the first day of our sugar fast. I quickly hid my spider cookies in a drawer and slammed it shut. Of course, this was not before spying the three pieces of candy leftover from office Halloween. To make matters worse, my coworker executed her commitment to abstain from sugar by giving her candy to me. (Don’t worry, she’s been warned not to let it happen again. Several times.) I felt I was doomed. Doomed to have some form of chocolatey, or otherwise banned, goodness before the end of the day.

There I was. Surrounded and alone.

ALAS! This story has a happy ending. I made it through that Monday without a single unhealthy sweet crossing my lips. Believe you me, that drawer was not opened again that day. What is it they say about a long journey beginning with the first step?

On this third day of “No Sweets Weeks,” I’m actually at the point where I can not only look at my leftover candy and cookies, but willingly hand them out to others who are not participating in the feat my coworker and I have taken upon ourselves.

I’ll keep you posted on how well we do with this. Who knows? It may stick around for longer than two weeks. Just in time for the holidays! (Did you get the sarcasm that time?)

If you decide to wish my coworker and me luck on this path we’ve chosen, I challenge you to do it with flare. What the heck does that mean? I don’t know! You tell me. If you feel like sharing any healthy decisions you’ve made in the past or are making during this holiday season, please do!


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