Don’t be Sour

Pesky ol’ Life likes to hand out those lemons. Work is busy, car is making a funny noise, dog doesn’t know how to behave, best friend lives 2000 miles away, so on and so on. Though these things are certainly lemons in life, it’s fun to think about all the things I can do with them.

Part of the fun of this cliche (You know? When life gives you lemons…) is that it leaves room for options, creativity. You aren’t just stuck with all this lemonade you couldn’t drink in a lifetime. You can throw the lemons back at Life. You can squirt juice in Life’s eye. I personally like to eat lemons, but people say that’s bad for my teeth.

My Bible study leader once said that if you learn how to approach tough situations, it’s almost like a game. The challenges become something that you look forward to overcoming and showing that you can with grace and patience and kindness. “Come on, Life, throw me another curve ball. I’ll knock it out of the park.” (Ooooo! You can play baseball with the lemons.)

Sometimes the lemons are situations you find yourself in, like work being pretty stressful. Other times, it’s a difficult person we have to deal with, that rude driver on the road for example. It could be an item that you rely on malfunctioning. When it’s a junky old car that has left you stranded on the road, that’s a really tough one. Finding the energy to be positive in these situations can be difficult. That’s where the creativity comes in.

At work, my coworker and I make a game of who takes the most calls, and we tell each other the crazy stories of the interesting characters we encounter on the phone. If the guy on the road sends you a nasty gesture, you can point to your ear and be all mouthing, “What? I can’t hear you?” and shrug, or just smile and wave. Hopefully, when your car breaks down, it’s on a weekend in a nice suburban area where kids are selling lemonade. You didn’t think I had all the answers, did you?

Adults tend to lose their ability to use their imagination. I say it’s time to reclaim it and apply it to real life scenarios. Well, not so much imagination, but creativity. (Somehow, though, I feel they go hand in hand.) If we’re creative with the ways we take on bad scenarios, we can even start approaching good and easy scenarios creatively. That sounds like a much more interesting life to me.

In conclusion, you can make lemonade (be totally unoriginal), complain about all the lemons (man, that is annoying), or you can come up with a fun way to show those lemons whose boss (ah, yeeah). Your choice.


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