How Rude of Me

I’ve been blogging for a little while, now. Most people reading my blog know a bit about me, but I suppose some of them don’t. Well, silly me never thought to properly introduce myself. Without further ado, here’s some stuff about me.

My name is Rebecca (Becky, Becca, Beck, Reba, whatever.) I am 24 years old. I dabble in drawing and painting. Reading is my favorite pass time, pretty close with video games and watching movies. Though, spending time outdoors is awesome. Dogs are one my favorite real creatures. Dragons are one my favorite fictional creatures. I work full time and act on the side. My favorite color is blue. Writing is something I’d love to do for a living. Now that that’s out of the way, I want to tell you about my journey to this blog and what I hope to accomplish in the future with my writing.

I first started reading and writing because of my grandmother. She was an English teacher when she was younger and had me reading by the time I was four. When I was a teenager, I won against her and my grandfather at a game of Scrabble. Shocked, and slightly pleased with myself, I realized I wouldn’t have such a love for the written word, if it weren’t for them. Especially, my grandmother planting that seed when I was young.

My mom saw this in me at an early age, too. A couple of years ago, she told me a story that I once brought her a piece of paper with a picture I’d drawn and told her to write the words to the story. She’s always cultivated this gift and told me I can do whatever I want. My dad picked up a few skills from my grandmother. He would always make me “say, spell, say” my spelling words growing up. I hated it back then but appreciate it now, because it really does help me remember how to spell things.

Since my two younger brothers both hated their English classes, they’d come to me for help with papers. Because of this I get a thrill from proofreading things, or maybe it’s because of my affection for words that I was thrilled. If I can help make writing better, I will. (That is, if it’s asked of me.)

Writing assignments in classes usually made students groan, but not this girl. I embraced it. Every paper assigned was more words to write. Every groaning student was another opportunity to proofread. Every returned paper was a chance to discuss why they liked or disliked my writing.

Recently, my boyfriend asked me why I don’t write more. That was an excellent question. He is the main reason why this blog exists. Obviously, I had a choice, but without his suggestion, I don’t think I would’ve created this thing. I was feeling a little burned out with things that are not writing, but I’m so grateful for him and his encouragement. It means even more to me since he let me read some of his work, and I found he is gifted in this area. Now I know that his opinion is not only honest, but well founded.

All of these people have been great along the way. That’s one of the reasons I’ve gotten here. Blogging away. Writing about myself. So, what’s the purpose of this thing? I’m glad you asked. To be honest, my ambition (in this and a couple other aspects of my life) could use a swift kick in the pants.

Like I said, I’d love to be able to make a living with my words. Having this blog helps me get better. I am a huge advocate for the idea that we should never stop learning. I hope to learn from this blog. Today’s post is actually inspired by Blogging 101, which is a WordPress creation to help beginner bloggers find their groove.

What I’m trying to say is, I would like to make money from writing, but that’s not the ultimate goal. Learning is. Using what I believe to be my natural talent is. Telling a story is. Being good at it is. Driving emotion in my readers is. Doing what I love is. Inspiring other people to do what they love is. Inspiring people at all, actually, is.

I don’t make new years resolutions. I try to continuously make goals to better myself. (Never stop learning.) I’ve made a goal to start using my time for things I want to do. That way I have no excuse to say, “I don’t do that as much as I would like.” Let’s be honest, there isn’t enough time in the day to do EVERYTHING. (If only.) There is, however, enough time to figure out what you really want and do that. I hope this year will be full of blog posts, poems, short stories, but mostly, I want to get my novel out of me. I want to get that thing all typed up and such. (Maybe once it’s all typed up, I’ll create its own blog and post it for the public. Maybe.) There I said it. Hopefully, saying it aloud will help me do it. I will do it.


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