Dance in the Rain

I wrote a poem and would like to share it. So, here it is:

She grew very weak.
Only walked with a cane.
She sat at the window,
When it started to rain.

Looking to him,
From her wheelchair so low
“I want to feel it on my skin,
Baby, can we go?”

“You’ve given up on life,”
He said, “And all the rest.
So you think you can make
These silly little requests.”

With a tear in his eye,
He turned away.
Following him to the room,
She said, “Here’s what I say,

“People, you, and me,
We all grow closer to death.
For some it’s slowly
For some it is sudden.

“It could be now or then
ButĀ either way,
Let’sĀ take the chance to
Dance in the rain.”


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