Let ’em Have it

Let me introduce to you a guy I’ll call “Sam.” Sam works in a deli near my work. He’s an older gentleman who would rather listen to stories of your life (no matter how boring) than talk about himself. While he’s listening, he’ll offer encouraging words, all the while, a generous smile spread across his face. I’ve told him about my possible career paths, and he tells his coworkers and other customers that I’m going to be famous one day, as though there is no doubt in his mind.

Every now and them, Sam will tell me something about him. He’s talked briefly about his wife and work, but usually he turns the conversation back around. In the past year, I noticed he’d been missing from the deli for quite some time. When he returned from his long absence, (with that ever present smile on his face) I asked where he’d gone off to. He told me he’d been diagnosed with cancer and had been going through chemo. The first time he mentioned it, he said it’s in God’s hands and He’s taking care of him. (I couldn’t agree more, Sam. I’ll pray for you.)

The last time I asked him how he was doing, he talked a little about his treatments. He has good and bad days, “Just like everyone else.” He said. “I try to keep smiling, though, because when it’s a bad day for me, I try to make someone else’s day a good day. If I give them my smile, that’s something they can take with them throughout the rest of their day and hopefully it makes it better.”

I smiled at him and told him he is such a blessing, because I wanted him to know he is accomplishing his goal.

I’ve told you about Sam to say this: If we all were such a blessing in people’s lives (maybe we don’t have much to give but we give smiles), wouldn’t the bad things look a little less daunting? Wouldn’t we feel as though tough times could be overcome, because we’re in this together? I think so. So, I say, “Let ’em have it!” Give everyone you come in contact with your smile. Spread a little joy today. Take a page out of Sam’s book. Even he says it’s not easy sometimes, but it won’t cost you anything to let people have your smile to take with them throughout the rest of the day. So, why not let ’em have it?


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