Turn the Page

Some people think of their lives as a movie, but sometimes I like to think of my life as a book. One of the pages in that book is being turned. I have decided to go back to school in the fall. I’m such a huge nerd considering the reasons I’m excited about this. I love being taught and learning and I’m taking a big step to achieve my dreams.

I graduated with my Associate’s Degree of Arts in 2010, when I was 20 years old. I’m 25, now. (So, if you do the math that comes out to I’ve been out of school for about too long.) Ever since I first started kindergarten, I have loved school. Whether it was public school or home school, I was happy learning anything and everything I could from the books my nose was buried in. Now, I’m going back and boy am I pumped.

This weekend I had orientation. I met a few new people and was led around the campus of the university I’ve chosen. I found a number of people who can relate to me in that they are going back to school after some time off. During the day, we met with groups that were made up of fellow students in the same major studies. It was great to meet individuals who might actually be attending some of the classes I’ll be going to this semester.

I have an appointment with my adviser this Thursday evening to go over my options for a class schedule. I’ve also already talked to my manager, and she’s expressed how happy she is for me to be going back to school and said she’s willing to work with me on scheduling. Having her support in this process will make things a whole lot easier.

The major I’ve chosen is journalism. While I attended orientation, they had involvement kiosks there. One of them was the school’s newspaper. Once I enroll in my courses, I’m going to apply for a job and hopefully get some experience in my field of choice. I’m so excited to truly be pursuing this as much as I can.

I don’t think I can say enough how much this means to me. (Shout out to my wonderful boyfriend who has been supportive and encouraging.) I’m so looking forward to the coming semester of school. I can’t wait to keep meeting people and figuring out how to utilize my writing in ways I never have before. This new page in my story looks like a good one.


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