Over the 4th of July weekend, a couple of my friends, my boyfriend, and I all got ice cream. Then, we walked around outside. I had gotten two scoops on a huge chocolate waffle cone. (Did I mention this thing was huge?) My boyfriend got a cone of blue ice cream. Well, to no one’s surprise the ice cream melted…a lot. It began to leak out the bottom of our cones. We stopped walking and took some time to finish eating them, with the ice cream dripping on the ground all the while. When we were through, the ground was puddled with green and blue ice cream, but I had conquered that huge, melting goodness. I threw my fist in the air to show we had emerged victorious.

(Watch me turn ice cream into a lesson.)

Good things will come (ice cream.) Along the way of taking care of those good things, road blocks will pop up (melting.) The way we handle those road blocks will show our character (stopping to sit and being persistent through the mess.) If we are successful, we rock. If we fail, we learn.

Though I’m generally a happy person, I’ve had my fair share of becoming ice cream on 4th of July weekend. (Having meltdowns.) Lucky for me, our character can change with time. I’m learning about how to handle situations with more grace and, like I mentioned in one of my previous posts “Don’t be Sour,” with creativity. I don’t think I’ll ever want to be completely static when it comes to my character, but I do hope one day I can be proud of the way I handle every situation. Like the major meltdown this fourth of July weekend.

Things always exist to be upset about, but it’s the way those situations are handled that truly shows character. (I’m working on this. I’m learning to focus on:) The flip side of that, things always exist to be happy about, too. For me, I’m grateful I have a job to pay my bills and leave me with spending money. I have a great new apartment, for which I recently had an awesome housewarming party, and it looks amazing. I have two dogs that will both love me, no matter what. I have a wonderful boyfriend, who is one of the most honest and encouraging people I have ever known. I have siblings and friends who show me kindness and love. I am going back to school in the fall.

There’s a songs who’s lyrics are “There’s a light at the end of this tunnel.” (It’s by Third Day.) Even when things look their worst, something bright is just around the corner. Things can never get so bleak that it’s impossible to rise from it. I don’t mean to sound cliche, but a situation is only as good or as bad as the attitude it is approached with.

I had a great time this 4th. Hopefully, the story I told you and the simple lessons that can be taken from it will come in handy. Things are going to get messy. That fact is inevitable. Don’t give up, though. I’m not going to. I’m going to push through and in the end, stand among the mess. The brightness from the positive vibes will be blinding and I will throw my hands in the air victorious.


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