In the Night

Even when she is still she is ever moving. Her wide, yellow eyes take in the night. The stars sparkle in them like treasure. She flies before me, attempting to lead. I walk behind, the path obscure. I stumble and my eyes fall. I lose track of where she wants me to go, but the sound of her beating wings guides me back to her. Trust is something I can place in her because she can see through the darkness. A sound escapes her lips. I don’t understand, at first. She repeats it gently over and over, until finally I understand. I consider it and prepare my reply, though I know she’ll continue to ask the same question until the end of my days. As I continue to follow her, my answer will be ever changing.
The owl is a symbol of wisdom. Wisdom will teach you who you are, change it for the better, and ask you again. “Who?”

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