New Day

Hello Readers,

I know, I’ve been on hiatus for a while. So many things have happened. I’ve been trying to go after a journalism career. I’ve been busy with school and writing for the school paper. It’s been intense. I recently started a fiction journal, so at least I’m writing.

Those are my excuses for why I haven’t been updating so much. (Okay, at all.)

(Do you remember parenthesis? Ha, you will.)

What I’ve come back to say is that it’s never to late to pursue something. For example, I was out of school for five years before I decided to go back. Some people I know waited longer.

I’m trying to continuously move my life forward, and I’m finding one of the hardest things to do is to unlearn stuff. I’ve let myself be molded for so long, that the stuff outside of my cave doesn’t look real. (I’ve been reading a history of philosophy, and that’s a little Plato for you, but let me explain., If you already know the story, you can skip the next paragraph, if you want.)

So, these people shackled in a cave are watching shadows on the cave wall. One man, breaks free of his chains and finds that there are real people making the shadows, and there’s more to what they’re seeing than just what’s on the cave wall. He tries to tell the others, but they don’t believe him and continue to watch the shadows. They even call him a doofus for believing something other than what’s right in front of them isn’t all that exists. Well, they were doofuses.

I’ve been one of those doofuses. I watched the shadows and was satisfied with what I saw. I let myself melt into the cave floor and be a part of the status quo. Ambition to explore more didn’t strike, until recently. Now, this might not be exactly what Plato was talking about, but for my purposes, I want to say unlearn the bad lessons! Be daring and crazy!

One of the only ways to forget something is to replace it with new information. So, I’m learning that what I’ve become comfortable with is not how it should be, and I’m looking for what’s making the shadows, instead of being content watching them.

If you feel like life has been the same way for too long and nothing is going to change now, you’re wrong. I have never liked the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Let me tell you, I had an old dog once, and she learned things just fine.

I understand, this is a hard lesson to learn, finding out that what is right in front of you isn’t all there is. (If anyone understands this, I do.) You’ve been seeing it with your own eyes, so it must be the truth. I’d just say to that to always be testing the obvious.

If we’re comfortable where we are, we’re probably in the wrong place. That’s not to say you should never be comfortable, but my suggestion is to be comfortable always striving to be your best self. Your only competition is who you were yesterday.

Today, wake up and once you’ve had your coffee, (or before, whatever) examine who you’ve been. Ask yourself how you can be better today.

I’m going to unlearn things I’ve let myself be molded into. I’m going to be picky about the lessons I learn going forward by being critical of the obvious. Finally, I’m going to never stop growing and strive everyday I’m alive to be the best me.


P.S. – Part of my goals is coming back here more often to write! Yay for writing the heck out of life!


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