Stagnation and Hypocrisy – Inspired by a Writing Prompt

I found this writing prompt (when googling writing prompts) from Brian A. Klems: Write a story that starts with the line “You’ll never get me to tell you where the jewels are,” and ends with the line, “I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming.” Be as creative as you can.

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Just Thinking…

Maybe some of you remember when I posted about Sam and encouraged everyone to smile at people. That was a while back.

Well, I haven’t written in a while, but I found out some time ago that Sam passed away. He had been sick with cancer and lost his fight. I remember, when I found out, feeling so sad that someone who could bring such a bright light to the world could be gone. Continue reading Just Thinking…

Not “Victim,” Human

A man shops for something he’s been wanting. He finds someone selling it, exactly what he’s been looking for. They’re local and will meet him somewhere or even deliver the item to his place, for an extra fee. He decides to go to the seller, so he can save a little money. When he arrives, the salesman takes his cash and shows him where the merchandise is. The man steps through a hotel room door pto find what he’s purchased.

A 15-year-old girl, who’s being forced into having sex with men like him. Continue reading Not “Victim,” Human

New Day

Hello Readers,

I know, I’ve been on hiatus for a while. So many things have happened. I’ve been trying to go after a journalism career. I’ve been busy with school and writing for the school paper. It’s been intense. I recently started a fiction journal, so at least I’m writing.

Those are my excuses for why I haven’t been updating so much. (Okay, at all.)

(Do you remember parenthesis? Ha, you will.)

What I’ve come back to say is that it’s never to late to pursue something. For example, I was out of school for five years before I decided to go back. Some people I know waited longer.

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Da Wules

Rules exist all around us. Rules written by our government. Rules at work. Rules in relationships. Spoken and unspoken. Rules meant to be broken? Some. Without rules, I do believe some level of chaos would exist. (Or is that regulation?)

Recently, I pondered how a lot of rules are born because someone broke the rule when it was just an understanding. Before that rule was recorded, people didn’t speak of it, but somewhere in the back of their mind, they knew it existed. Then, some silly Billy (sorry, bro) comes along and does something everyone knows is wrong, and now it’s apparent that not actually everyone knows. So, rules.

Let’s get real for a second and talk about one really boring type of rule. Laws. (I promise, the following paragraph is all I have to say about laws.) The government should have the best interest of the people in mind when making laws. I don’t think the government should say no guns, ever or you’re unfit to raise children: tubes tied. Though these things might seem like fixes, they create rules that give an entity way too much power. An entity that throughout history doesn’t seem to recognize that with great power comes great responsibility. I don’t agree with some laws the US government has already made, but I am still happy a government exists where I’m free to write that and post it on this world wide web doo dad.

That out of the way, let me do what I do best, which is make a really boring topic, somewhat entertaining. (Excuse that toot of my own horn, and attempt to prepare yourself for what comes next.)

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In the Night

Even when she is still she is ever moving. Her wide, yellow eyes take in the night. The stars sparkle in them like treasure. She flies before me, attempting to lead. I walk behind, the path obscure. I stumble and my eyes fall. I lose track of where she wants me to go, but the sound of her beating wings guides me back to her. Trust is something I can place in her because she can see through the darkness. A sound escapes her lips. I don’t understand, at first. She repeats it gently over and over, until finally I understand. I consider it and prepare my reply, though I know she’ll continue to ask the same question until the end of my days. As I continue to follow her, my answer will be ever changing.
The owl is a symbol of wisdom. Wisdom will teach you who you are, change it for the better, and ask you again. “Who?”


Over the 4th of July weekend, a couple of my friends, my boyfriend, and I all got ice cream. Then, we walked around outside. I had gotten two scoops on a huge chocolate waffle cone. (Did I mention this thing was huge?) My boyfriend got a cone of blue ice cream. Well, to no one’s surprise the ice cream melted…a lot. It began to leak out the bottom of our cones. We stopped walking and took some time to finish eating them, with the ice cream dripping on the ground all the while. When we were through, the ground was puddled with green and blue ice cream, but I had conquered that huge, melting goodness. I threw my fist in the air to show we had emerged victorious.

(Watch me turn ice cream into a lesson.)

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Let ’em Have it

Let me introduce to you a guy I’ll call “Sam.” Sam works in a deli near my work. He’s an older gentleman who would rather listen to stories of your life (no matter how boring) than talk about himself. While he’s listening, he’ll offer encouraging words, all the while, a generous smile spread across his face. I’ve told him about my possible career paths, and he tells his coworkers and other customers that I’m going to be famous one day, as though there is no doubt in his mind.

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